Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wow Rush.

Wow an actual pearl slipped out of Rush. I suppose it has to happen on occasion though it is very very rare. This pearl was brought to my attention by the Huff post article. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/19/rush-limbaugh-background-checks-media-mental-illness_n_2718908.html
Though his moment of clarity was short and of course he then goes back to his own delusional ranting and proving that he himself would likely under his rules not be allowed to rant on the radio. I went over and read the Obama Puppetmaster piece he was complaining about and yeah it is sadly what seems to pass for journalism lately. 

As I pointed out about the Pope is going to be arrested nonsense, the Newtown conspiracy stuff, and hell even creationism and the tea party. All this comes from either misinformed idiots, often well meaning idiots but idiots none the less, or those with their own political or monetary agenda. The internet has been a wonderful thing, but it does give someone a soap box to stand on. In the past these various subversive influences would go their entire life without either voicing their opinions or finding someone of the same mind on an issue. Now elements that in the past whos brand of stupid or crazy would have remained as such can disseminate these opinions to a wider audience.

The fact is this has caused a good sized portion of the population to stop using the common sense God gave them. They go on about conspiracies and attribute things to people and thngs that for the most part a rational person would go ehhhhh maybe but I doubt it. Americans need to start using common sense again and ditch this fervor to belief whatever asinine thing they are told. As my mother once told me you need to ask yourself why are you being told something. What will they gain by your belief of what they told you. If it is for money or election purposes it is probably an indication you ought to look into it more than accept it at face value. 

I think I will expand on this but it is late and it is time for this little heathen to go to bed. 

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