Saturday, February 16, 2013

ITCCS the fake court and it's run by an alleged Con Artist Kevin Annett

For the last 4-5 days this seems to be the thing flying through cyber space and as much as I would like it to be true it isn't. The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State would be better calling themselves the International tribunal of Crap. From the moment that this came out I have been shocked at how fast it was picked up and spread with no actual bother to check the facts. So let me lay the facts out for those who don't know.

Think the first has to be the legal standing of the "court". The funny thing is when you go to their about page they are very honest about the fact they have no legal standing and state that those they are going after are the Vatican and Crown of England. But the truly worrying part is this:

 "It is understood by our Court that its decisions, based as they are on Natural and Common Law, supersede and invalidate all statutes and statutory laws which conflict with the decisions of the Court, particularly when those statues uphold crimes or their concealment, or the protection of the guilty. Similarly, our Court does not recognize the jurisdiction or authority of any contending legal systems, such as the so-called “Canon Law”, or any form of personal, diplomatic or legal immunity governing any person or institution, including heads of states, churches and corporations." 
So basically they don't have to deal with due process or any other pesky rules that they don't like or would keep them from reaching the decision they have made. and as far as I can tell that decision was made before any proceeding. They even go on to say:

"The final verdicts and findings of the Court and Tribunal will be made public in the form of a final public Report whose decisions will be enforced by the Common law Peace Officers and their agents, if regular peace officers refuse to do so. These decisions can and will include the imprisonment and community sentencing of the guilty, the issuing of commercial Liens and Orders of Expropriation against church, corporate and state institutions and their property and assets, orders of Reparation and Compensation, and the return of all land, property, unpaid taxes, and revenue obtained through forced labor."

So basically they will enforce their decisions since no officer of the law would enforce decisions made by a court that doesn't exist. It is little wonder that they have had no success in any of their actions.

The next bit is the members of the "tribunal" which is only one person a Kevin D. Annett, M.A., M.Div. Now here is where things get weird because you cannot find anything about him that is not something he himself has posted. No news articles or anything after some digging I did come across another blog and this is where the Kevin Annett thing becomes weird. At least according to the blog, named Stop Kevin Annett interestingly enough, Kevin is the world’s biggest Con Artist.  As I read through posts it started becoming evident that his little attempt for attention through the resigning of the Pope is not the first attention grabbing attempt. This post details his involvement with the excavation of "mass graves" in Canada[i]. There are other various posts on the web site and links to other sources. So far it has pretty much told me what I already knew about Kevin and his "court".

The final nail in this coffin has to be the fact that this is not the first time that these grandiose statements have been made. On the 7th of September 2012 the ITCCS made a statement and I have included the relevant bits[ii].

One Week to go Before Direct Actions Commence Against Child-Killing Churches
By Kevin D Annett, ITCCS, Dublin Ireland –
7 September 2012 
An Update and Plan of Action from Kevin D. Annett, ITCCS fieldworker 

Breaking News Item: Vatican officials have one week to respond to ten requirements issued last May by survivors of church terror, or face permanent banishment, occupations and legal summonses. In this event, our Common Law Court will publicly convene in seven countries on September 15, to publicly share and judge extensive evidence of criminal actions by church and state.

The following day, in the midst of Catholic masses around the world, a Public Banishment Order will be issued, binding on every catholic establishment. Church occupations will then follow. The Banishment Order will, in effect, expel the Catholic Church from our communities and declare their churches and other property open to all people for their own use, like the homeless. Church officials will then be illegally trespassing and subject to arrest. This evidence will be simulcast to nearly one hundred citizen jurors in seven countries by the prosecutors of the Court, for the jurors’ deliberation. And a transcript of the evidence and cases will be available online to anyone and the media. 
So in summary here is our Plan of Action: 
1. Saturday, September 15: Public Court Case against the Vatican commences 
2. Sunday, September 16: Banishment Order is read inside and outside Roman Catholic churches in seven countries 
3. Monday, September 17: Permanent Occupation of Catholic churches and institutions commence worldwide 
4. Sunday, September 23: Third and Final Public Exorcism is held aimed at the spirit and power behind the Vatican (to be televised and posted)

Well I have to wonder why none of us heard about this on the 17th of September. It probably has something to do with the fact that it didn't happen. When one searches all you can find are links to articles that trace back to the ITCCS website. So it is a huge circle with no outside backing or references. Though I do find that the end of his statement there was this interesting tidbit about his being able to enter the UK. I have not actually been able to find out who the elders are, but given everything else it is probably just Annett.

I learned today that our ITCCS Council of Elders in Brussels was just informed by trusted sources of theirs in the British civil service and the European Parliament that the Home Office in London has declared me, Kevin Annett, a threat to British national security allegedly for having “caused threats to the peace of mind and security of Her Majesty”. I am therefore to be immediately detained and imprisoned under the Fixated Threat Assessment Protocol (FTAP) the moment I set foot on British soil.

Well here is the thing about FTAP, first it is that it is actually the FTAC, Fixated Threat Assessment Centre[iii]. This is basically the list of people that are stalkers or feel that their grievances or personal position justify breaking the law. This is pretty much what this fellow does. He has created a fake court and gets people to donate to it and then goes around threatening to arrest the Queen of all people. For some odd reason the Brits get a little touchy about that, I can't imagine why *rolls eyes* I don't think he is a danger, except maybe to the people he cons money out of, but I can see why it is better to stick him on a list and leave it at that than to give this fruit cake a platform to speak from.

My hope is that helps clear up the whole Pope leaving office reports. I am not a Catholic, never was one either, but I did attend a Catholic University and have Catholic friends. But that is not why I felt the need to write this. I wrote this because no matter what you believe or don't the truth is important. And if there is to be justice it has to be found through truth, not smear campaigns and fake courts. At the end of the day I do not think that the Catholic Church or the Pope do not deserve to be brought to justice. But I do think it needs to happen in a real court with real evidence and not be used by a man for his own gain.

I am not the only one to question the ITCCS here are a few other pages that have tackled this subject.

Made a small edit since a link wasn't showing up and fixed the formatting on the ITCCS alert from September so it was easier to read.



  1. How great to see this post. I'm a Pagan Texan living in NOD (north of Dallas.) So many Pagans auto-buy-into scams like Annett because of lack of trust of Christianity. I really hate folks like him and I hate sensationalizing of bad situations for private gain even more. Thanks for the sanity. Binah

    1. Thanks for the comment. That is pretty much why I felt the need to at least post something. Plus went to the University of Dallas so have a lot of catholic friends, and I felt that someone outside the catholic community would have a better chance of actually addressing it and people actually listening. Plus given some of the things he has said it just annoyed me that people were willing to believe him and ignore the fact of him accusing the Queen of England of participating in the killing of kids. That should have been a clue, but then I don't like to just accept things at face value :)