Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well made it through the Taxation exam. One down next is the CIFA, current issues in Financial Accounting, test tomorrow then Thursday the Finance exam. At least the Taxation one was multiple choice, though I am not sure if that is better than essay based. At least with an essay you can make it sound like you know what your talking about even if you are a little bit unsure. Though multiple choice does offer a 1-4 chance of guessing the correct answer. Oh well going over EPS and Diluted EPS right now and praying that I have cash flow statements down. I will be so happy to finish in July then there is that job at the Olympics. Just have to make it through this then off to my dream job of working for the IRS or if I am really lucky a few more years in the UK working for HMRC.

I know tax should not get my motor running, but it is interesting. The twists and turn possible shelters and ways of treating income. Maybe we all are a little devious and that is why we decide to be accountants, but it fascinates me. To find the loop holes the small areas of wiggle room, heck even looking at investments that will be losses as a gain based on the amount of tax relief they give. I know I am a sad sad sad human, but always preferred to have my nose in a book. Besides suspect I can make a decent salary with accounting unlike History or English, with a concentration in Renaissance and Medieval studies :p Not too many openings for that degree unless I teach and well kids are cute, but well hate administrators and parents the two most likely things to cause students to leave school with no education.

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