Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long days

Well the days are lengthening so you can tell spring is coming. Though the sun is setting around 5:30 now and it is still cold outside I have hopes that soon the weather will warm. Though suspect we shall see snow in February more the normal time for snow anyway. Though I am hoping it does not Snow but my flatmate is desperate for it to snow. Gods to be young again and think that snow and cold weather are wonderful. Now it only means that my joints ache and don't want to walk the dog. Even poor Puck is hesitant to go outside, especially as I make her wear a coat otherwise she is shivering so bad after 5 min outside she can't do her business. Oh well have several nice coats for her. Though it looks like rain today and that always is not fun for walking in. Though I will say the rain in England is so different from the rain in Texas. It feels different, sounds different, and tastes different.

I am used to the raw power of rain and in London it is more soothing even to go so far as you not even hearing it on your window pane. Not sure which I like better the soothing drizzle or the wild tempest. I think they both are nice in the right amount. One of those things that is strange but oddly enough I have little urge to return home because I miss the tempest. As I get older I enjoy the quiet, security, and freedom that the UK provides. Plus the very ground pulses with history and shades of times past. It draws me the way a good book does. To explore every building and space in the UK and then work my way through Europe. To eventually stand in Athens where Socrates and Plato shared their philosophies first. Then on to Rome the once powerful bastion that after Alexander controlled the known world for over a millenia and beyond. To stand where Victoria Franco first wrote and brought a female voice to Medieval/Renaissance women characters and who like Sappho would make it possible for women to step out of the confining roles that men would place us. To wonder at the pyramids and walk along the paths that my ancestors walked. To speak to the Gods and Goddesses in their old homes and temples. To remember my trip through the Mediterranean when I was 16 and the world was a wonderous place before I became cynical.

It is amazing how time can colour or look at the world and see the unvarnished truth. Why I wish more Americans traveled and with an open mind. The comment from a gentleman that Germany and the UK had a lower standard of living is proof that there are some screwed up people in the States. As my last year abroad starts to draw to a close I begin to wonder if I want to return to a country filled with such hate and ignorance.

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