Monday, December 12, 2011

All I want for Christmas.....

I have been thinking on this a great deal and maybe it is because of living in a country where religion is not as big deal. But the lack of overly shoved down your throat Christian nonsense has made me less eager to return to the stupidity of the states. It is relaxing to be able to say Happy Holidays without being screamed at or have morons insist that Jesus is the reason for the season even though it is more likely he was born in warmer months.

I just find it odd it only seems to be in America that there is any perceived "War". My aggravation is that I am made to feel that celebrating my holiday is under attack. That if I do not say Merry Christmas I am yelled at. The Christian portions of the population in America have become down right threatening and rude. I don't care if they want to worship their zombie off a stick then that is their prerogative. But if I chose to say Happy Holidays I am entitled to do so. I am also entitled to not have Christianity shoved down my throat. You want a nativity's fine I just get to laugh cause I have one too since the Sun is reborn on the 21st. Heck 90% of Christmas traditions come from pagan origins and have little to do with the birth of "Your savior".

So here is an idea you leave me alone and I leave you alone. I don't have kids but even if I did would welcome your celebrations if only to show the perversity of the beliefs to my children. As people shiver in the cold after losing their homes or because of a long illness while you give your kids ipads and other things. For some odd reason the season of peace and love has been about making the rest of us celebrate your damn holiday and if we don't to be harassed till we form a serious dislike for anyone claiming to be one of Jesus's chosen flock. Do these "christians" realise the bad PR job they are doing for their religion? Cause I can say this if I didn't know quite a few true Christians I would have a very very low opinion of American Christians.

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