Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The past few days and the fires ravaging the area makes you really think about things. I have spent the last few days trying to prepare incase the winds change and the fires head our way. But how to evacuate 15 horses and ponies and 27 cattle? I have a stencil and spray paint cans with the idea of at least putting our phone number on all the horses so I can at least open gates and let them go. With two trailers we can not get all of them out so at least letting them go gives them a chance.

Out of all of this I will say it has caused me to convince mother to make an effort to scan family photo's so if nothing else we will still have them. To think about things and do more to make it easier if she has to evacuate at short notice. If thinks like that are backed up then she can just grab a computer and worry about clothing and other possessions. However it will take a while to actually scan all of them. The fires actually are probably the most scary thing I have ever dealt with. You can make choices of where to live to prevent most things but fire can not be planned for. I shall go back out and keep praying. I leave for London here soon and I just hope these fires are done by the time I leave.

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