Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finally landed!

Well after the plane trip from hell, and I should know I travel way too much, finally landed at heathrow. Our fun started at Houston at that airport named after a shrub. There was a bit of a issue apparently which was fine with me since yet again I had spent too much time with my face pressed to the glass of one of the many airport shops. Funny how they fill them with shiny cool looking things that upon purchasing often become worthless paper weights, or even better you see one outside the airport and realize how badly they screwed you on the price. So an extra 20 minutes means more time to wonder about the shiny things.

So finally we get on board, of course I didn't make it to that coveted first class upgrade think that is a story they tell. You know a fiction so that we feel that the airlines aren't really screwing us and can be magnanimous on occasion. So we are all on board and we seem to be heading for the runway when there is problem up towards th front of the plane. Apparently a fellow passenger was being a bit stubborn and was going to get off the plane. This was a completely new experience for me as we returned to the gate. Once they managed to remove her and her luggage, this was a 45 min process, we thought we would leave. But at some point the electrical system went wonky and there was another delay while they tried to fix this. After another 30 minutes  it was determined that the problem wasn't easily fixable so we were herded off the plane to wait till another could arrive. Well one couldn't come for at least 3 hours so once again I found myself wondering what to do. The lure of shiny things had worn off since I was unable to afford them anyway so looking at them would not relieve my frustration. So I took the next obvious solution and went to have a beer. Several other passengers decided to partake as well and we have a very lively conversation, especially as one had taken half an ambien and was trying to stay awake till we could return to the plane. After the allotted time we reboarded and took off.

The flight was uneventful except that I tried to sleep and learned why I never bothered to try to do that before. I have never been so uncomfortable, and I suspect the seats were not designed so anyone over 5'11" can be comfortable. So after a restless painful nap I awoke to find us descending to London. At this point we got breakfast and I got the opportunity to show exactly how klutzy I am. I managed to spill an entire coke over my self so not only am I cranky and tired I was now sticky and wet as well. Even better is that I managed to spill it in such a way that I appeared to have wet myself. I was never so happy to get off a plane in my entire life, that was after I relocated my passport I managed to misplace in my search for a pen to fill out the landing card. I guess I looked so pitiful that customs waved me through and I was wandering out to see if my boyfriend had come to meet me. Thankfully he was though he wasn't pleased about the flight delay, as if I had any control over that. Then my cell phone was still not turned on, thank you 3! So after commandeering Lewis's phone I contacted Agne so I could figure out how to get to her place in Plumstead. So three hours later I finally arrived and was able to lay down, and yes that is correct grammar since it is past tense look it up don't bee itch to me :p.

This was all on Friday. So today has been really bad not sure if worse or better. Lewis got his wires crossed and miss understood the fact he needed to let me know what time he was coming over since I have no phone and was exhausted so unlikely to be up at a normal hour. Then I received and email from my mother, at least she understands the concept of phones not working, that my grandmother whom my cousins had put in a nursing home had come down with pneumonia. As far as I can tell she is ICU. Now that I am out of the country there is little I can do and I can not even call her because of the breathing apparatus they have put on her does not allow her to talk. So what do I do besides just wait for any word? I hope she will get better but I fear what this presages her death. I had these feelings when I saw her after her fall and I am not sure how hard my cousins will fight to keep her alive. I even have to wonder if she had been home with assistance if this would have happened at all. Maybe it is my own issues with mortality and the loss of one more family member leaving us with three. Though she has not always been the most family orientated of people she is still family and that means that I will do my best to be sure my grasping cousins don't hurt her. Though suspect it is too late and that medical power of attorney puts me at a disadvantage to do much. The other fact of being in London does make it complicated but I can be back in a matter of hours if necessary. I just hope this turns out well.

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