Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

It is amazing how many things I have kept over the years. Thankfully that hoarding show exists so I have the fact I don't want to end up like the people on it so it isn't too hard to get rid of things. I have gotten a bunch of those vacuum bags and are making progress. I have decided to give away most of my stuff since I don't need it and I can't throw it away. I have the same issue with books. Even when mom gave me one of Glenn Beck's books couldn't burn it even though I really wanted to. I eventually found a new home for it, but can't destroy a book they are too precious even if I don't agree with the things they say I won't stoop to the level I see many people today. Remember all those people burning Harry Potter books or that idiot Florida preacher burning the Qu'ran and they gave those books more power through their actions. Then there was the obvious fact that to burn the books they had to buy them so imagine all the money that publisher was making from their stupidity. I don't think ideas are dangerous unless you exclude all other ideas.

Guess that is the issues I have now days is that the GOP and the Tea Party especially want to remove all other ideas. They only want theirs taught and to my mind this should bother more people. How can this be acceptable? I just don't get this. We as Americans are stronger for our diversity of culture and beliefs and to exclude all others means we will lose the very thing that makes us great. I fear that we are seeing the end of religious tolerance in America and a return to the 1950's McCarthy era fear and hostility. Of lists and fear of our very neighbors. The things that baby Bush used to his advantage to do what he wanted for 6 years. He would strum the population with imaginary threats and fear to get what he wanted. I see this in the Tea Party they are so sure everyone is out to take their stuff away. I find that amusing since I really don't want any of their stuff. Who would want a bunch of rusted cars on blocks that in front of their house? I don't want their guns, though the idea of uneducated idiots with guns is slightly worrying. Really the Tea Party are anarchists and they just haven't realised it yet. They preach small government, and then they want the government to regulate the hell out of our personal lives so we aren't "sinning".

God does not hold you responsible for other people only your soul. We can even go further that if I choose to "sin" that is my choice. I really think people should stop being so concerned with other people and concentrate on their own lives a bit more. Guess that is why I have gravitated more to the liberal side since I don't feel anyone has the right to make decisions for me. I am still a conservative in of the fact I think we should be careful about being too hasty to trust the intentions of our politicians. I am conservative in and of the fact that change should be slow and over a longer time. But that conservative nature is tempered with the liberal ideas of community and that while I don't think I have the right to tell my neighbor what to do because I do not want him telling me what I can do.

I dislike that groups like the GOP and especially the Tea Party have taken this word and made it icky enough I now call myself a liberal. It is like a Christian friend that hates how they have twisted and perverted the Christian religion for their own power and gain. I believe in moderation and being cautious not rushing in and making sweeping changes. This is what I see coming out of the GOP and Tea Party. They want fast solutions and are often throwing the baby out with the bath water. I am only hoping that the conservatives return to their traditional values and lose the psychotic hell bent for leather authoritarian crap they are embracing lately.

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